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The Trifecta of Tree & Shrub Damage

Lately, Summer Lawns has been asked by clients for our exclusive ISA Certified Arborist Consultations.  We’re being asked on a daily basis to determine what is wrong with plant material all over the Treasure Valley and prescribe a treatment to attempt to return it to full health.

Why are there so many damaged plants in the Treasure Valley this Spring?  This past winter, we had the Trifecta of Tree & Shrub Damage.

  1. Early November Freeze — Trees and shrubs must transition into the winter gradually through a process called winter acclimation or commonly referred to as “hardening off”.  If this winter acclimation process does not gradually happen, it will most likely result in dead plant tissue. Sometimes this only kills a branch or two, sometimes it can kill the entire plant.
  2. Dehydration — The dryness of this past winter caused dehydration and winter browning to most plant material. If you have noticed a tree or shrub that was Western or Southern facing in your landscape and it didn’t make it through the harsh winter, dehydration can be the main reason.
  3. Early February Warm Up — Due to the warmer weather we experienced in February, most trees and shrubs started to transition out of dormancy.  We had a cold snap again in March, which didn’t allow enough time for the trees and shrubs to go dormant again.

Check out some of the damaged plant material we’ve found lately.

winterdamage#6 winterdamage#5


winterdamage#2 winterdamage#3


All of the damaged trees and shrubs you see throughout the Treasure Valley, are extremely susceptible to disease and insects. However, we can help and it’s not too late! Our ISA Certified Arborists can diagnose and prescribe the proper nutrient based program to put your trees and shrubs on the road to recovery.

Please let us help you with our exclusive FREE ISA Certified Arborist Consultation.  It’s easy, all you have to do is a free analysis and quote through our website!

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The 2015 Clean Up Eagle Project

Recently we had the pleasure of volunteering several hours of our management staff on a Saturday, towards the 2015 Clean Up Eagle Project.

We were happy to help clean up a debris pile that had become a fire hazard.

Thank you City of Eagle, Idaho​ for presenting us with the Service Appreciation Award.  We’re happy to call Eagle home to one of our two locations!coecleanup1


Are Your Healthy Trees and Shrubs At Risk?

Right now in the Treasure Valley we are encountering outbreaks of the following Tree and Shrub Problems:

  • Powdery Mildew attacking Flowering Pears
  • Aphids eating Ash and Maple Trees
  • IPS Beetles desiccating Norway Spruces
  • Tip Moths killing Austrian Pines
  • Winter die back from fluctuating winter temperatures

Trees or Shrubs that have died from any of the above circumstances can be contagious and detrimental to the surrounding healthy trees, shrubs, perennials and flowers.

The best way to control these issues is through a proactive Tree and Shrub Care yearly program.

We have 7 Certified Arborists on staff, so give Summer Lawns a call today  at 208-939-8469 and mention this special for a FREE Tree & Shrub Analysis.