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Do You Recognize This Invasive Weed?

Do you recognize this annoying and invasive weed?

This particular weed does resemble grass, but it’s actually Yellow Nutsedge.  Now is the time of year it really starts to grow like crazy.

Nutsedge is not actually grass at all, it’s actually part of the family of Sedge.  Nutsedge is usually found in areas that receive large amounts of sunlight and water.  The leaf blades of Sedge are much more stiff than grass, even in the seedling stage.  It can also be identified by its quick growth, pale color and negative appearance in your lawn.  In hot temperatures, Nutsedge grows much faster than your turf, and once this invasive weed starts growing it can make the best looking lawn look awful.

Nutsedge can be difficult to control, as it’s tuber root system typically grows 8″-14″ deep in the soil.  Yellow Nutsedge tubers have as many as seven viable buds and enough of an energy reserve to sprout them all. Nutsedge is best controlled proactively, with a combination of both mechanical and chemical maintenance.  The sooner it is treated, the better the results.

  • MOWING HEIGHT: The taller you mow your grass, the more your grass will naturally help crowd Nutsedge out.  Mowing your grass shorter helps stimulate Nutsedge, as the grass actually gives it more room to grow and spread.
  • PROPER WATERING: Nutsedge likes to grow in overly moist areas of turf, with poor soil drainage.
  • HERBICIDE APPLICATIONS: Specialty herbicide applications are needed for control. Normal herbicide applications will have zero effect on this weed.

We’ve been treating Nutsedge for years, however, this year is the worst we’ve seen.  Please contact us today, and we can get your specialty herbicide application scheduled right away!

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Now Is The Time to Apply Pre-Emergent For Crabgrass!

Crabgrass and other annual weeds will be germinating soon in Boise, Meridian, Eagle and surrounding areas. These unsightly weeds grow from seeds in the spring. These seeds can germinate once soil temperatures reach the mid 50’s at a depth of 2-3 inches. One of the most important steps to prevent these weeds from invading your turf is a well-timed Pre-Emergent application.  Be sure to water in the application, as this will activate the Pre-Emergent herbicide.

We also have specially designed products to control germinated crabgrass, although there is only a short window when the plant is in its early growth stage. Once fully mature it becomes very difficult to control.

A proper fertilization program will also help keep the turf healthy and fight off unwanted weeds.

If you don’t want to do any of these applications yourself, Summer Lawns can help with your lawn care needs!

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Dandelions and other weeds already?

Dandelions and Broadleaf Weeds are already growing in the Treasure Valley, much sooner than years past.

The unseasonably warm weather in the Treasure Valley the past couple of months has perpetuated the rapid growth of Broadleaf weeds, one of which is the Dandelion which is recognized by its yellow flower.

Dandelions are perennial weeds that spread very quickly from hundreds of its seeds and also from the roots. They are found in lawns and shrub beds throughout the Treasure Valley.

If a lawn currently has an existing Dandelion weed in it, then it will only grow and spread more rapidly each day the temperature is over 60 degrees . If one single Homeowner has Dandelion weeds in their lawn and shrub beds then it is just a matter of time before it spreads to the neighboring Homeowners lawn and shrub beds. The best solution to this problem is to utilize a broadleaf weed control in combination with a prescribed fertilizer program for the lawn.

Summer Lawns can provide you this solution today!

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