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Hey Mosquito, Bug Off!


Mosquitoes feed on the blood of humans and animals as they need the iron and protein to produce their eggs. When a mosquito pierces your skin to feed on your blood, their saliva contains enzymes and proteins that reduces our blood clotting ability.  Most people are allergic to these enzymes and they are what causes an irritating and itchy rash.

Aside from being a serious nuisance, mosquito bites can be much more serious, as mosquitoes carry viruses and pathogens in their salivary glands.  These viruses and pathogens end up being injected into the next host when they pierce your skin.  It is estimated that the West Nile Virus is found in over 60 species of mosquitoes, and is considered by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to be a serious neurological disease.

The CDC has reported that since 1999 there have been over 40,000 cases diagnosed, that have resulted in over 1,700 deaths in the United States.


During the day, adult mosquitoes will find resting spots in lawns, landscape shrubbery, and other heavy vegetated areas.  A mosquito Adulticide treatment is most effective during normal daytime hours, when mosquitoes are resting.

A properly timed treatment will reduce and in most cases completely eliminate adult mosquitoes on your property for 3 – 4 weeks when standing water and breeding areas are minimized.


Our local Mosquito Abatement Districts regularly check current mosquito larvae populations, and apply Larvicides directly to water sources that hold mosquito eggs, larvae, and pupae.  Larvicides can help reduce the overall mosquito population by helping limit the number of new mosquitoes that hatch.  The CDC recommends an integrated program for mosquito control including:

  • Surveillance & Monitoring of Mosquito Activity Levels
  • Reduction of Breeding Sites
  • Use of Larvicides & Adulticides

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