Does your turf have Snow Mold?

It’s no secret that we had record setting amounts of snow this winter in the Treasure Valley. We’ve seen many lingering winter stresses on lawns throughout the Treasure Valley, the largest and most obvious is Snow Mold.

So what is Snow  Mold?

Snow Mold is a fungi that attacks turf under snow or in cool, wet weather.

There are two different types of snow mold that affect grasses. Pink snow mold and grey snow mold, and the symptoms for both diseases look very similar.

Symptoms first appear in the lawn as circular, straw colored patches when snow melts in the spring.  These patches continue to enlarge as the grass remains cold and wet. Grass within the patch often has a matted appearance and colored fungal growth.

Historically, we haven’t had extreme enough winters here in the Treasure Valley to create this issue.  In the last month, since all the snow has FINALLY melted, we’ve identified Snow Mold in 95% of all of the lawns we maintain.

How Can I Fix It?

This disease can be managed by cultural practices and proper turf health care.

  • Fungicide can be applied in speed turf recovery
  • Overseeding of turf will speed turf recovery
  • Apply fertilizer to promote new turf growth
  • Mow lawn in the fall after dormancy
  • Aerate each season to prevent thatch build up
  • Maintain balanced soil fertility and a low soil PH
  • Avoid placing large snow drifts or piles directly on turf
  • Spread out snow to help prevent snow mold from growing
  • Lightly rake any matted areas of turf

Summer Lawns provides high quality Lawn and Tree Care to the entire Treasure Valley, and we can guarantee we can fix your Snow Mold!

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