Spring Is Here! It’s Time To Apply Dormant Oil

It is time to apply Dormant Oil in the Treasure Valley, as Spring is here!

Applying dormant oil will help protect your Trees & Shrubs from damage causing insects that overwinter within your landscape.

Late in the summer, early fall, damage causing insects like aphids, mites and scale lay eggs on trees through the winter months until new larvae are born. These larvae cause major damage to your precious trees and shrubs.

Luckily, you can protect your landscape with the use of dormant oils. A dormant oil application applied while the trees are still dormant will help control overwintering insects by coating the insects spiracles, which in turns smothers the larvae. Horticultural Dormant Oils are less toxic to to beneficial insects, like lady bugs, as well as birds.

Horticultural dormant oil will help keep your trees and shrubs healthy and will give you a head start on managing these damage causing insects throughout the season. Dormant oil is one of the most important treatments for your fruit trees as well.

Timing is everything to maximize the effectiveness of a dormant oil application.

– Timing of application- Dormant oil needs applied when trees are completely dormant and before the trees and shrubs produce new growth. Applications done in late winter or early spring are ideal, when temperatures are above 35 degrees. if applied too early, it can cause winter injury to the tree and if applied too late it can damage new growth.

We have specialized programs to fit the need of your landscape. For more information about a treatment plan, contact us today, as we have 8 Certified Arborists on staff.

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